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Collecting coupons is not fun. You spend your time collecting them and often times you forget to use them and the coupon expires. Most coupons come with strings attached - you can use them at certain time, date and minimum purchase.
You don't have to worry about these issues anymore. We bring you the live deals around you as they are created.

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Salereporter was born when we saw many small business owners were shutting their doors because they could not compete with larger competitors with deep pockets. We believe in supporting our local businesses while providing the best value to our users.

We don't believe in a "deal" where one party wins at the cost of another. With Salereporter, you will feel a sense of happiness when you get to support your local businesses.


Some of the benefits of using Salereporter

No searching for coupons

You don't need to search for coupons in mailbox or apps

No downloading

You don't need to download any coupons

No worry of expiration

Coupons expire. Salereporter deals are instant. You use now!

No strings attached

No need to meet all the fine print rules requirements like you find in coupons

Deals where you are

No need to drive far way. Salereporter sends you deal only when you are nearby.

Support local business

You get the best deals and also help your neighborhood businesses thrive.

Easy to use

With all the complicated gadgets we have today, the last thing we need is yet another complicated coupon app. Salereporter app is easy to use with zero intervention from you. You just have to download the app, choose your preferences and you are good to go!

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